Every hunter has a story of an expedition gone wrong. Every person who has held a gun has imagined what it would be like to point that barrel at another human being. Some decisions come down to survival. Other decisions are made for us. They’re implanted into a person’s brain from somewhere out there, in the unknown. 

Marie never intended to bring along her passengers. She would have never agreed to it, had she known what would happen. Now she’s lost and her only help will come from the hunters … and the Spores.

The four men are out on a simple hunting trip. It’s supposed to be a chance to unwind and get away from all the stress of work and family. But when Andrew looks through the scope and sees what’s running at him, he acts decisively. Back at the cabin, Leonard and Patrice have their own problem. They hear the sound of the snowmobile and rush to the window. They look out in time to see the machine streaking across the lake, and then it’s gone.

They have to cut short their trip and report what they’ve seen. Everyone agrees. Then, Marie arrives.

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  1. Jutta Garcia

    I am sad that I completed reading the whole series. I couldn’t wait for my evening time to read. I wish they would just go on and on. So very interesting. I loved all the different characters, feeling I was actually identifying with them. Thank you Ike Hamill !!!!

    1. Ike

      Thanks for reading! Maybe there’s another series here you would enjoy as much?

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