Stay Away

Every small town has secrets. Some secrets can kill.

He’s always been there, the old gentleman in the funeral suit, hanging around the big oak tree. Even before the cemetery was dug, the natives knew about him. He was just as much a part of the landscape as the rocks or the river. If you ever needed anything, <i>especially</i> if it was a matter of life and death, you could find him and make a trade.

He always trades fair. Everybody says so.

Eric is about to trade without even realizing it. He isn’t tricked. It’s only a mistake. “Caveat emptor,” some might say. Uncle Reynold would say, “Watch your butt, lest somebody kicks a new hole in it.”

Opportunity awaits. He’s always there, ready with a bargain. But maybe you should listen to the ghosts of those who have traded before, and Stay Away!

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  1. Lisa Hull

    Mr. Hamill,
    I love your books.
    That’s all!
    Always, Lisa.

    1. Ike


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