Overview of MPU

The Stern MPU-100 is identical to the Bally AS-2518-17 board. At least I think it is. I've worked on both, I can't find any difference, and I've read that plugging the ROMs from one into the other works just fine in a…

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Stern MPU-100 / Bally AS-2518-17 Games

Stern MPU-100 Cosmic PrincessDraculaHot HandLectronamoMagicMemory LaneNugentPinballStarsStingrayTour De FranceTridentWild Fyre Bally AS-2518-17 301/Bulls EyeBlack JackBow and ArrowEight BallEvel KnievelFreedomMata HariNight RiderPower PlayStrikes and Spares I haven't worked with the Bally AS-2518-35, but my understanding is that it adds A14, meaning more address space…

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Replacing the M6800 with an Arduino Nano

After repairing a Stars machine (Stern, 1978), I started thinking about how I could improve the rules of the game. Stars is fun, but it only has two goals (drop targets & lighting stars) and it doesn't take long before it starts…

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Interfacing the Arduino Nano to the MPU is really easy using the J5 connector on the board. The J5 connector is at the top of the board and it was originally meant as a diagnostic port. It contains access to all the…

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