Notes from Maine – 8

Warning - because I quote my father, there is some profanity below. My father remains in the hospital. It’s not Covid-19 related. Just as the lockdown started, he had a couple of falls because he didn’t have any strength in one of…

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Notes from Maine – 7

Do you sometimes wake up and wonder where the dreams stop and reality begins? The last twenty years or so might not have happened. There’s no way to be sure. Sometimes I’m convinced that I’m going to wake up and it’s going…

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Notes from Maine – 4

With everyone spending so much time apart from friends and family, I want to tell you about an annual tradition that takes place at my house. The party is a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, and it hasn’t missed a year in…

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Notes from Maine – 3

When we’re not in total lockdown, I have friends come over every Thursday evening. We catch up on the past week, debate where we’re going to have dinner, and usually end up at a local restaurant, holding the menus at arm’s length…

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Notes from Maine – 2

I’m finding it very difficult to get back to my normal schedule. It should be easy. Before, all I ever did was sit at home at write books. There’s nothing stopping me from doing that right now. I’m supposed to stay at…

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