Until… (series)

I tell the old man about what kept me awake when I was a kid. He doesn't laugh when I mention vampires. "They're in the cellar," he says. It must be the heat. The old man is delusional. At least that's what I tell myself. Things are different in the middle of the night. When monsters come tapping, it's impossible to dismiss the idea that the Maine woods hold secrets--deadly secrets. The whole series is available in eBook or Paperback from Amazon: Until... (series)

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Extinct Series

The apocalypse begins with a blizzard. For a few unlucky survivors, it never ends. Extinct kicks off this series and is available in several formats across most major retailers. Get it for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iOS, or Android, or listen on Audible.…

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Until the End

"I heard about that trouble. I also heard that it ended.""Some things stop, but that doesn't mean that they've ended," Alan said. The crisis brought them together before, and now it's calling them back for one more round. Amber is being drawn…

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Lightning strikes, trees fall, meteors hit, and dogs attack.You never know what tragedy is right around the corner.You never know which conversation might be your last.The only certainty is that when people are trapped together and chaos erupts, they're going to break…

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Until Dawn

In the middle of the night, there are creatures who hunt. Once they catch your scent, they will track you down. Nothing will stop them. The only way to survive is to fight UNTIL DAWN. This story will grip you from the…

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Until the Sun Goes Down

The door swings in when I nudge it with my toe. I lean to peer through the gap, looking for the old man. Has he collapsed? Is he on the floor in there, suffocating in the summer heat? I want to be…

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Decades ago, in the hills of Georgia, the music of the two brothers was born from pain. That pain was inflicted on them by a demon of a man, and even after he died, he followed them. Their audience grew and the…

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Stay Away

Every small town has secrets. Some secrets can kill. He’s always been there, the old gentleman in the funeral suit, hanging around the big oak tree. Even before the cemetery was dug, the natives knew about him. He was just as much…

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Decades after the apocalypse there is a new threat to the survivors, and Ashley can't convince anyone to take it seriously. Even her father, the great Robby Pierce, can't be swayed. Her only recourse is to go off on her own to…

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Every hunter has a story of an expedition gone wrong. Every person who has held a gun has imagined what it would be like to point that barrel at another human being. Some decisions come down to survival. Other decisions are made…

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