A collection of short stories by chapter

The Deuce – Chapter 8

Elena felt out of sorts all night. She had to work his job, too—peeking through the peephole, spying on the line, and letting in the next patron. Then, at the expense of her stature, she had to cross the wagon with the…

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The Deuce – Chapter 7

Elena woke alone. That morning, moving around the camp, her eyes darted constantly, looking for Bishop. No matter what, there was one thing that he was right about—they had to keep their heads down for a couple of months and the carnival…

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The Deuce – Chapter 6

Elena was clean and cozy in her soft, tiny bed. If he hadn’t smelled so good when he slipped in behind her, she would have sent him off with an elbow to the ribs. Instead, she felt the warm peace of his…

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The Deuce – Chapter 5

She was miserable, sitting on a rock in her sweat. Every time she moved, the wind shifted to blow the smoke right into her eyes. Elena folded her arms across her chest as Bishop moved around the circle, laughing and sharing his…

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The Deuce – Chapter 4

“That was a good night,” Bishop said. Elena leaned back in her chair and sloughed the jacket from her shoulders. All she could think about was the way that Bishop had just complimented the night. He could have mentioned how she had…

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The Deuce – Chapter 3

“It’s fine. Everything is going to be fine,” Bishop said. He was peering through the peephole, out into night, while Elena prepared her props. She had a set of crystals on a shelf just under the table next to her stack of…

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The Deuce – Chapter 2

Elena sighed and leaned against the drapes while the Great Madam Vadoma walked the client to the door and then shut it behind her. “You’re supposed to keep your mouth shut,” Vadoma said as she straightened the silk tablecloth. The inside of…

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The Deuce – Chapter 1

“Take my hand,” Bishop said. Elena raised her eyebrows and glared at him. “Trust me.” She held an indifferent hand out to him and he grabbed it. They swung their arms gently between them as they walked towards the midway. In the…

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