Skillful Death

Deep in an Old World forest, an unnamed village lies hidden. Decades pass as the village waits for its special son to return. The boy challenged the lion, bested the snake, and defeated the elephant. He possessed an unearthly skill. His return will bring back balance to the village.

High in the Tibetan mountains, a monk waits for death behind a stone wall. For this last journey, he prepared his body over the course of one-hundred days. Outside his little tomb, another man is learning the secret of immortality.

In Seattle, an old man learns a new skill and finds unimaginable fortune.

It’s my job to document these lives, keep my boss safe, and find that unnamed village. At one of these tasks, I will fail.

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  1. RINA

    Hi Mike

    I love your books. Full of suspense. Can’t put them down once I start reading it.

    I loved Skillful Death. Somehow I am waiting for a follow up on this book. I want to know what is happening with Malcolm. Did he get his memory back? What adventures will he go on next?

    1. Ike

      I haven’t written another book that focuses on Malcolm, although he does make appearances in a couple. Recently, he pops up briefly in “Incarnation,” which is available on Amazon.

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