Killer Savant

I pledge to yell at my parents, not brush my teeth, and tear up my homework.
I pledge to steal the car, and shoplift candy.
I pledge to burn down a vacant house, and stab a stranger.
I pledge all these things because I don’t want to die.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even help. 

Our quiet little suburb is the ideal place to raise a family. There is no bad part of town. The kids are smart, the neighbors are friendly, and everyone gets along. We haven’t even had a gruesome murder in months. People say that it’s all over—the murders. It’s wishful thinking. They want the property values to rebound enough that they can get out of their mortgage without taking too much of a beating. 
Behind closed doors, in whispered midnight conversations, they’ll admit their deepest fear—the Bunny Butcher is coming back. Probably tonight.

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