Mumma’s House

The house belongs to them now.

To provide for her son, June would sacrifice anything. She would live in fear every day and shield her son from it. She would stay, tormented, to hang onto his inheritance. 

This year, something is different. Forces in the family are conspiring. June is going to have to step forward and make a claim on Mumma’s House.

Over the years, the house has fallen into disrepair, but it is all that is left of the inheritance. So many people have a claim on the house and nobody can agree on what to do. They’re locked in a battle to be the last surviving family member. June just wants stability. She wants her son to grow up happy and healthy. Her brother has a plan to make their troubles go away. 

June has decided to take control. There’s only one problem–the house is full of mysteries and ghosts. It fights her at every turn.

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  1. Mary

    loved the book…the last few pages were the best, cried as Gus was talking to the seedling….thank you for another great book

  2. Ike

    So glad you liked it!

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