Until Dawn

In the middle of the night, there are creatures who hunt. Once they catch your scent, they will track you down. Nothing will stop them. The only way to survive is to fight UNTIL DAWN.

This story will grip you from the opening scene and hold you spellbound until the last page. You’ll be drawn into a world where monsters are real and even the most joyous celebration can turn into a deadly fight for survival.

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  1. Linda Gallaway-Moore

    Dear Ike,
    Sorry to hear about your Dad. Been going thru same thing with neighbours but worse because there is a wicked son with power of attorney. Mr B is 97, deaf and stopped walking. He gave up, went to hospital then long term placement in care home. He needs more care than wife or incoming supports can give (or so they say). Mrs B got tricked into retirement home. Son sold house.. Mrs B is 93 and in great shape. She is so sad. 70 years and they cannot be together. Sucks. I will get her a lawyer to fight back. Savage son wants it all. Maybe I should write a book lol. Your Dad lucky to have sons in his corner!! You will make the best choices you can for him. Love should be enough but sometimes you have to break your own heart. God bless.
    Linda Gallaway-Moore

    PS. Thanks for the books!! Just about finished rereading Instinct books. Perfect for the pandemic¡!🤯

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