Controlling the SB-300 with B/SOS Hardware

Summary:This past year, I've been working on changing the gameplay of early Bally/Stern SS pinball machines by plugging an Arduino into J5 of the MPU. Recently, I coded new rules for Stern Meteor. Because my hardware was not able to address the…

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Until… (series)

I tell the old man about what kept me awake when I was a kid. He doesn't laugh when I mention vampires. "They're in the cellar," he says. It must be the heat. The old man is delusional. At least that's what I tell myself. Things are different in the middle of the night. When monsters come tapping, it's impossible to dismiss the idea that the Maine woods hold secrets--deadly secrets. The whole series is available in eBook or Paperback from Amazon: Until... (series)

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Extinct Series

The apocalypse begins with a blizzard. For a few unlucky survivors, it never ends. Extinct kicks off this series and is available in several formats across most major retailers. Get it for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iOS, or Android, or listen on Audible.…

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The Deuce – Chapter 10

When the truck had broken down, Chuck hadn’t said a word. He and Bishop had walked at least two miles, each carrying a big box of parts for one of the rigs. At first, every time they heard an approaching vehicle, they…

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The Deuce – Chapter 9

“Put your hands on the table,” she ordered. “Palms up.” His bushy eyebrows went up. “So I can read them.” The man narrowed his eyes and, slowly, the smile returned. He flopped his giant hands on the table, turning them over like…

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The Deuce – Chapter 8

Elena felt out of sorts all night. She had to work his job, too—peeking through the peephole, spying on the line, and letting in the next patron. Then, at the expense of her stature, she had to cross the wagon with the…

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The Deuce – Chapter 7

Elena woke alone. That morning, moving around the camp, her eyes darted constantly, looking for Bishop. No matter what, there was one thing that he was right about—they had to keep their heads down for a couple of months and the carnival…

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The Deuce – Chapter 6

Elena was clean and cozy in her soft, tiny bed. If he hadn’t smelled so good when he slipped in behind her, she would have sent him off with an elbow to the ribs. Instead, she felt the warm peace of his…

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